Cookology PREM900BK 90cm Arch Extractor Fan | Black Designer Curved Angled Cooker Hood

Cookology PREM900BK 90cm Extractor Fan with Black Curved Glass Angled Front

The PREM900BK is an Arch Cooker Hood that when not in use is a beautiful Curved Arch of Black Glass that opens up when you want it to start extracting. This designer extractor has no logos or brands and looks and feels like a high quality Cooker Hood on a par in terms of looks, materials and performance, with much more expensive appliances several times the price. This Premium Cooker Hood features LED spot lights that are brighter and more efficient than Halogen ones, bathing your kitchen in Brilliant light that dramatically improves light levels right where you need it most in the kitchen. This along with the Sleek Black Glass Front, makes the PREM900BK especially suitable for a modern kitchen, over a 90cm Range Cooker or Hob. You get 3 different speed settings for greater control over the powerful 700m/3 extraction rate. The PREM900BK is simple to install. You can choose whether you want to duct the air outside using a vent and a 150mm ducting kit or you can recirculate the air using carbon filters (both the ducting kit or the filters need to be purchased separately) that clean the air before recirculating the air back into your kitchen. PREM900BK features:

Colour: Black Curved Angled Glass

UK Plug 13 Amp - No Need to Hard Wire this item

Suitable for recirculation or ducted extraction

Motor Power: 190W


Lighting: 2 x 1W LED Spot Lights

Extraction Rate: 700m/3 per hour

Ducting Outlet: 150mm

72 dB Max

Blue Display


Please refer to the technical diagram for all dimensions

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