Hotpoint G640SW Hobs

This Stylish Hotpoint G640SW Gas Hob has been designed with Simplicity and Practicality in mind and would look good in any kitchen.

The hob features 4 burners and 3 different size cooking zones, 1 Large, 2 Medium and 1 Small or more commonly known as simmer and is controlled by Auto ignition variable temperature control knobs.

The G640SW Gas Hob has a smooth toughened Enamel finish which makes cleaning really easy. It also comes with 2 Dishwasher safe Enamelled pan stands. Please ensure the hob top and pan stands have cooled down and safe to touch before cleaning.

For safety and peace of mind, the hob has been fitted with a Flame Safety Device (FSD) which cuts the gas supply in the event of the flame accidentally blowing out.

This model is LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) convertible, meaning that an appliance can still be fitted and used should you not have a mains gas supply.

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