Team Combi Moroccan Tagine & Slow Cooker TSLG

Combining two great products in one. The Team Combi TSLG is a combination of the popular Slow Cooker and Tagine models. Team SLG55T VisiCook Slow Cooker comes with an easy to see and clean glass bowl that can be used elsewhere in the kitchen. It features 3 temperature settings and allows you to see the food cooking from not just top but sides as well with glass bowl. The glass bowl simply lifts out for cleaning The VisiCook brings an added dimension to your cooking. Easy to clean Low high auto settings Cooking capacity of 3.5L Glass bowl capacity is 5.5L Cook hearty Moroccan inspired cuisine with the fun and eye catching Team Electric Moroccan Tagine . Its authentic clay pot and powered base unit allows you to cook exotic treats with ease while still being quick and easy to clean. The Slow Cooker Tagine has three power levels (High Low and Auto). Power light and removable ready to serve automatic stoneware Tagine. You can easily prepare superb Tagine dishes. Furthermore the Tagine can

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