iRobot Gutter Cleaning Robot, Black

With a 4-stage auger the Looj can break apart clogs and then lift and throw them away from your roof before a scraped clears the remaining debris. You also get a smaller set of ejectors so you can adapt the auger to different types of debris. Cleans on its own or lets you control the action Spins at high speed (500 rpm) so it has the power to dislodge and remove all kinds debris like wet leaves & pine needles Detachable handle also doubles as the remote control, which works up to 50 feet away (approx 15.24 metres) Cleans 30 feet of gutter in 5 minutes, with battery charge to clean up to 200 feet Waterproof design so you can just spray with a hose to clean Rugged polymer treads to provide good traction Drastically reduces the amount of time you spend on the ladder, just place it in the gutter and leave it until its done A belt clip and rubber handle both help you handle the Looj safely until its in the gutter At just 2 inches hight and 3 wide is able to fit in most gutters, running under gutter straps and over downspout holes

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