Best Robotic Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner

Products sizes 33*8cm Battery volume Ni-MH 2000mA Charge time 4H Working time Up to 2 hours Noise 45-55dB Dust box capacity 800mL Remote controller Supported, 5-8 1R distance Time reservation Can get us an appointment at any time Anti-collision 7 infrared anti-collision Cleaning type Sweeping, suction, rolling and mopping type Anti-cliff 4 anti-cliff sensors Dust filler Strainer and HEPA Mopping function Supported Display screen Yes Gift box size 52.7*39*13.9cm Gross weight 5.2kg Net weight 3.6kg Carton size 54*58.5*41cm Battery life Minimum 500 charging cycles Warranty limitations 1 year for main unit

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